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“4 Reasons Why the Third Pregnancy is the Worst”

If you had asked me during either of my first two pregnancies how I felt, I would have described the amazing spirituality of pregnancy. Just the concept of being able to bare a child made me feel so empowered, that I genuinely walked around town feeling sorry for men because they would never know the joys of pregnancy. I didn’t care that my body gained enough weight to counter balance that of two Hollywood actresses. I didn’t care about the acne, the morning sickness, the loss of energy, none of the typical pregnancy symptoms seemed to bother me. I was just so generally happy while pregnant that, the sheer misery of my third shocked me and my entire family.

By my 9th week of pregnancy number three I spent enough time googling “why is the third pregnancy the worst,” or variations of the like, that I now consider myself an expert on the woes of the third pregnancy. From all the articles, blogs, and forums I have come to these four basic reasons as to why the third pregnancy is the worst!


1. You’re a pregnancy pro right? Wrong.

I thought by pregnancy number three I would be an expert at being pregnant! I thought the whole 9 months would breeze right by, and I would soon have a brand new little baby in my arms. That’s not quite the way it’s been working out so far. All pregnancies are different, the year is different, the climate is different, the gender may be different, your diet, your lifestyle, and so on and so forth, the point being any number of factors could impact your pregnancy and how it progresses. So not being a pregnancy expert definitely can make symptoms difficult to respond to.

2. The morning sickness is worse!

And when I say morning sickness is worse, I mean much worse! My first pregnancy  I barley even noticed I had morning sickness, the first trimester was easy and didn’t put too much of a strain on my lifestyle. My second pregnancy I had morning sickness, I threw up once every morning, and for any remaining nausea throughout the day I would eat canned ginger, ginger candies, or drink a little ginger ale. With the third pregnancy no amount of ginger helped my nausea, and my gag reflex was just stuck on a repeat dry heave all day, with no actual vomiting. It was the worst feeling in the world. I was advised to take Unisom with B6 at bedtime, as it is supposed to be an effective recipe for anti nausea medication, however that didn’t work. After 3/4 weeks of living through this misery, I asked my doctor to prescribe me something else. The prescription he filled for me turned out to be the only thing that helped  curb the nausea and dry heaving, so yay for that at least right!

3. You show sooner 🙁

Do you remember your first pregnancy, just spending the first trimester waiting to finally sport that baby bump? Yeah the first time around I didn’t even start to show until I was about 20 weeks. During my second pregnancy I was regularly asked if I was having twins when inquiring minds found out I wasn’t as far along as they assumed. “No, I’m not having twins, but thanks for asking total stranger.”

As if acting like some sassy mouthed teenager, your body says “been there done that, watch I’ll show you,” and before you know it you’ve got a baby bump at 9 weeks. Try looking through previous pregnancy pictures and comparing just for fun or, you know just to make yourself even more frustrated by the fact that your belly is letting it all hang loose.

4. You are beyond exhausted.

This one is simple and  makes the most sense of the all. You will be more exhausted with your third pregnancy for several reasons, the most obvious of reasons being that you already have two other children. Pregnancy already zaps so much energy out of you, and having to raise, chase after, and care for two other children has got to be 100 times harder when you’ve got those first trimester hormones zooming through your body. And the last big reason I have found myself more tired with the third pregnancy than the first two is just simply age. I had my first child 10 years ago and my second child 5 years ago that gap in time isn’t always kind to our bodies. So holding expectations for how your pregnancy should go based on previous ones with that kind of age gap is pretty unrealistic.