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“ASMR: A Gum Smacking Revolution”

Have you heard of ASMR? If you haven’t then you’re not the only one, I just stumbled upon it for the first time on Monday, because without even so much as a tag or byline stating that it was an ASMR video, I had no idea what I was about to see. Stumbling upon an ASMR video is a little unsettling, almost like finding someone’s personal diary/journal/adult video and knowing immediately you weren’t supposed to watch it.

ASMR I’m sure you’re wondering, is an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Autonomous refers to the triggers being individualist. Sensory and response are both pretty straight forward, simply they are referring to the fact that your body is responding via one of your senses. Lastly, meridian is alluding to a type of stimulation or orgasm. Yes, that’s right, this autonomous sensory meridian is supposed to trigger some type of stimulation! And at the time, I was watching this video on my phone with my four year old daughter (I have included this video at the bottom). So, let me describe for you my experience stumbling upon my first ASMR video.

It only took a short  30 seconds into the alien make-up tutorial (don’t ask, my daughter insisited we watch it),  I found myself profoundly annoyed by the vloggers whisper. “Perhaps she’s sick,” I thought, “maybe she just had some sort of throat surgery, and this isn’t her normal recording tone.” At this point I found myself quite disturbed, and I just had to investigate why this girl was whispering throughout the entire video. I begged my four year old to let mommy take over navigation, and let me do my detective work.  Surely every other person who has watched this video must have questioned the whispering as well right? As I scrolled though the comments I was amazed by the fact that absolutely no one was commenting on the vloggers voice, but rather simply on her technique. She really was talented at her make-up tutorial, I simply had to know why this girl was speaking as though her 2 year old toddler was just laid down for a nap. After scrolling to the bottom of the first page of comments, I finally found what I was looking for, “why are you whispering,” the girl wrote, “it’s ASMR” wrote another spectator. And there it was, the answer I had been looking for, but not quite. Now I found myself with more questions, like what is ASMR, why do these people whisper, is it some sort of sexual thing-and don’t act like you weren’t wondering that one too, because well the whole concept of sensual whispering feels like overtly communicating in a sexual manner.

From what I’ve discovered ASMR’s not usually sexual, ok so in this information I find some relief  knowing that I hadn’t exposed my four year old to some new form of pornography.

So then what is ASMR?

Well we’ve already established that it’s an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or noise that’s individualistically stimulating. In these online videos you can hear anything from a cashier’s fake nails tapping on the register, to your friend drawing on your hand with a marker, a hair stylist brushing your hair, or a tutorialist whispering with a heavy breath her instruction on applying your own alien make-up, you’re bound to find a brain tickler.

The fun part, is what it feels like?

If you had told me five days ago, before I stumbled upon my first ASMR video that I would become obsessed by the weeks end, I wouldn’t believe you. You want to know why I’m so obsessed? Well I’ll tell you, I experienced a deep explosion of tickles in my spine, it feels almost as if the tickle is radiating deep withing my spine penetrating my nerves, from the small of my back all the way up and around my head to my eyebrows, this tickle is so intense, it’s almost unbearable.  Some people experience a feeling they describe as bubbles in their head, and compare it to getting a facial or scalp massage, only the sensation is on the inside. Let me know in the comments bellow your thoughts or experiences with ASMR, or if I have just introduced you, please let me know what you think. Enjoy!