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“How Apple Cider Vinegar Saved My Life”

Aapple cider vinegar really did save my life, the noses of everyone around me, and my sex life (I know TMI, but it did)!!! At this point you must be wondering what in the world I’m doing with the ACV,  well I’ll get to the point very quickly, I don’t want to leave you in anticipation. I’m using it as a body wash. No I’m not kidding, and yes if you had told me I would be doing so even two months ago, I wouldn’t believe you.

After several hours spent reading articles on how it’s a miracle cure for bad Body odor I thought what the heck, why not, what have I got to lose. So I went to the store, bought the preparations. 1) A bottle of apple cider vinegar.2) A small 4 oz spray bottle. 3) A couple of bottles of essential oils.  I mixed it all together, shook it all about, did the hokey pokey, crossed my fingers, wished on a farting unicorn, and scrubbed away.

When I finished my first apple cider vinegar shower I put on my new favorite  organic deodorant, splashed on a citus-rosy blend of essential oils and waited. Typicaly, it only takes a couple of hours chasing the kids around, running errands, and pickingup before I get super stank. But here I was 5 hours later, still smelling… clean.  I thought ok, maybe it’s this cold autumn air, keeping me cool preventing me from breaking a mid summer’s night sweat. So I decided to just wait it out a full 24 hours. Now, typically my 4 year old comes creeping into my bed in the middle of the night, sandwiching me in between her and my husband, causing me to wake up in a puddle of my own stinky sweat. So I figured I’ll wait until tomorrow morning and certainly by then I’ll be back to my normal “I’ve just got back from burning-man and haven’t had a shower in a week”stench.

But I was wrong, totally, utterly, fantastically wrong… I didn’t stink. I was quite literally blown away, it worked! So everything you see on the internet is true, vampires are real, unicorns do poop rainbow ice cream, and apple cider vinegar does take away bad BO. And to think, it only took me 32 years of smelling like teenage wasteland to realize it.