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I was a really great mom today. And when I say I was a really great mom, I mean that I actually got out of bed, made sure the house wasn’t set on fire, and no one starved. Now you might ask yourself, what kind of mom thinks she’s a great mom, because she got out of bed or fed her kids, those are the basics of motherhood? Well, that’s precisely my point, being a mother is the most exhausting, amazing, guilt-inducing, heart-wrenching, but rewarding experience I have ever — and most likely  will ever —have; Yet we legitimize our skills as mothers by analyzing only the bigger milestones.

Well here I am defying that logic, we should be celebrating the smaller tasks we accomplish as mothers. We are overwhelmed, we feel guilty for everything that we don’t do or could have done better, and we feel stretched beyond belief. I spend half my day wondering if I’m a bad mom because I screamed at my four-year old for spilling her drink at the dinner table (this happens every night without fail), Or if I’m a good mom for finishing my nine-year old’s homework, so he doesn’t miss out on the next day’s field trip. Balancing these issues is the hardest part of my day, and yet it doesn’t have to be.

As mothers we put too much pressure on ourselves, we have to be the “perfect” mom, we have to make the”healthiest dinners, and the “prettiest” deserts, but why, and for whom? My children could care less if I folded their underwear in the perfect pocket fold, or if their dinner was served with the appropriate silverware in the proper placing, or if I pureed fruit and baked it for 8 hours to make them homemade fruit roll-ups. So why should I put so much time and effort into such feats if it’s only going to end up forgotten about in a lunchbox for three days anyway?

Today, when I woke up I decided not to be a perfect mom, and you know what, today was a darn good day. I didn’t lose my patience, raise my voice, or nag about normal child behavior. I am easily set-off when something doesn’t meet my expectations, which result in what some might argue to be a mommy-tempertantrum, but not today. There were no cataclysmic results from my dialing back the mommy-guilt, no one starved, the house wasn’t set on fire, and the world didn’t stop turning. If you’re feeling defeated, give it a try, the little things are just as important, they really do matter. So just remember every time you lift your head from that pillow, wipe a bottom, or prepare a snack, you are nurturing and fostering the life of another.

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