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“Organic Deodorant: Lost in Translation”

From my experience there are two types of experiences that people undergo during the transition to organic deodorant. Some people love it and immediately reap the health benefits and some of us stink so bad we make Secret obvious, and Sure confused. On my first go at organic deodorant, I quickly discovered which category I fell into, the latter. That never stopped me though, over the course of 10 years I became the little engine that could convert from conventional to organic deodorant. And while this was not a pretty adventure, I learned a lot along the way. So if you plan on having a go at it, and are looking for a little advice, you’ve found the right spot!

1) Do Your Research .

After reading several articles I learned about the transition, and how it takes time for our under-arms to adjust to the lack of antiperspirant. The aluminum compounds found in antiperspirant are killing off lesser odor causing bacteria, thus producing more pungent bacteria to thrive. In other words, your antiperspirant is making you stank! So, I decided “okay, I’m going to give it a couple of months to allow my body to adjust to the lack of chemicals, and reap the benefits this organic deodorant has for me once I’ve detoxed.” Flash-forward two months, and I’m still just smelling just as raw, and I gave up, there’s just no sense in saving my breasts from the aluminum if the BO is killing my nose. So I went back to the conventional antiperspirant deodorants, aluminum and all.

2) I just Stink.

I’ll be honest with you, even conventional deodorant eventually wore off leaving me sweating the foulest BO, especially after a long day of child chasing,  #momming. I decided to be the woman that I knew I could be and did my due diligence, I needed to figure out what exactly, was causing my body to smell so appalling. After 32 years of living with my rancid stench, I finally tracked down the answer. It is not our sweat that smells, sweat in reality is odorless, but the bacterial activity on our skin when we perspire causes the unpleasant odor, and explains why the smell will persist even after a shower or bath. So that wonderful floral, citrus, or creamy shower gel I’ve all been using, actually is the cause of my BO. Say what??? Yeah that’s right, our pretty smelling soaps that we are paying dollar bills on, are the true culprit of the under-arm stench. If you’re curious about what steps I took instead of using regular body wash, please follow the link to see my apple cider vinegar blog post.

3) Just Go Organic Already Stop Procrastinating!!!

Did you know that the aluminum compounds within deodorants act as a plug within the sweat ducts and temporarily stop the flow of sweat. … Just as the parabens, these compounds can mimic estrogen, which promote growth of breast cancer cells. This is just one of the many dangers for health, linked to breast cancer.

In case you need help getting caught up, 1) I’m showering in floral/citrus scented soaps that have been lathered into my pits, producing a layer of bacteria. 2)  I’m then caking on deodorant which is plugging my sweat ducts thus producing even more bacteria, there by providing a BacteriaPalooza of a rager for my sweat to rage in. (NO WONDER!!!) 3) As if the unhygienic downsides were not enough, I’m also feeding my armpits with enough estrogen to promote a breeding ground for breast cancer! Who in the world ever thought it was acceptable to make this stuff in the first place.


4) So Many Choices What to Do!

Perfect, now I’m strapped with the knowledge of what steps to take to make sure I don’t sweat won’t stink, and I just need to pick a brand of organic deodorant to buy. Knowing that the organic section of my local grocery store has a minimal amount of organic products I thought this shouldn’t be tough. But it was. There was an entire isle stocked with organic toiletries, and to my amazement Tom’s was not the only choice for organic deodorant. I spent about 30 minutes in the store reading labels and sniffing caps before I finally decided on Nourish Organic, I simply adore the Lavender & Mint scent, get yours here. Typically lavender is too potent for me and one whiff of it can bring on a migraine, however the scent of lavender on this deodorant is so faint it’s almost difficult to tell it’s in there. The deodorant can be a bit grainy because it does have starch in it, but hey if that’s the only downside, I’ll take it!


Bellow I have listed a few of the different types of deodorants and the pros and cons to each variation.

Sticks (with baking soda or corn starch)


  • Powder helps absorb sweat
  • Stick application
  • Essential oils deodorize and help prevent bacterial growth
  • Baking soda helps prevent odor-causing bacterial growth
  • Long-lasting


  • Stick is temperature-sensitive and can be tricky to apply.
  • White powder may show if wearing sleeveless clothing.



  • Applies on skin clear, making it a good choice for tank tops.
  • Handy spray travels well and is great as a mid-day freshen up
  • Great for those with active lifestyles


  • Doesn’t have the powder for wetness absorption like the sticks or creams.



  • Goes on clear
  • Powders help absorb sweat
  • Baking soda raises pH of underarm, making it less hospitable to bacterial growth.
  • Essential oils deodorize and help prevent bacterial growth


  • Application from a jar and wiping it on with your fingers may seem unconventional

Good luck with your transition!