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“Perfectly Posh: What to expect when you sign up.”

So today I became a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant. I never thought I would sign up to be a contracted employee of a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company before, but I did, and you find yourself on the fence with making this decision, let me break down my brainstorming that led to my decision to join.

  1. Knowing and liking the product is a must. When signing up to sell anyone’s product you should make sure its a product you feel good about standing behind. I could never see myself selling or promoting a product I didn’t like, didn’t use, or thought was garbage.
  2. Get a feel for the company vibe. I perused the internet for employee reviews about working for the company, so I could get a general idea of how other consultants felt about their experience with Perfectly Posh. While not all reviews will be positive, it is important to look at the pros and cons of these businesses. While most people who sign up for Perfectly Posh love their products, they tend to find selling them difficult. As with most Multi-level Marketing companies, most of your sales are done through friend-hosted house parties. One advantage you will get with Perfectly Posh is in addition to the hosted parties, you can do Facebook (online) parties, you can purchase single items online for friends, or they can go to your website directly to purchase, so you have other methods of producing sales.
  3. Learn the company’s earning structure. This is one of the most important components to seeking employment with a MLM company. Many MLM companies will have you earning most of you income based on the number of protégéss you have, the more people you get to sign up as consultants then the more money you make. With the Perfectly Posh pay structure the highest percentage of your income is based on your actual sales, not on your personal recruits, however there is incentive for obtaining recruits. Please refer to the illustration bellow for details. From estimates I reviewed on glassdoor, the average monthly income for independent consultants is listed at $830.Perfectly-Posh-Compensation-Plan


I signed up for perfectly Posh on a Tuesday night (late late at night), and received my Posh Kit in the mail on Friday morning, so the turn around time on the kit was only a couple of days. For $99 my posh starter kit included three bags, a bag of samples, a bag of products for me to use and keep for myself, and a bag of products to have on hand to sell. I opened it up had a few packets of information and three bags full of goodies. I opened my box in front of several friends so they could experience the fun of the products with me, and in the hopes of getting a sale (which I did get a sale on my first day). Bellow are a few pictures of what I received in my Perfectly Posh kit! I hope this answers any question you might have about joining.

Interested in purchasing any products or joining Perfectly Posh please check out my site:



If you have previously consulted for perfectly posh and you have advice for a protégé please let me know in the comments bellow.