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“Sour Patch Grapes.”

Ok so the first time I read about sour patch grapes, I thought about that gum from the 80s, you know the one that coined the concept of gushers, Freshen Up. Man I hated that gum, and for a little girl in the 80s who loved gum (because just about everyone in the 80s loved gum), that was not a common response. The way it just oozes right out,  just gross.

So you can imagine, me sitting there reading my first article on sour patch grapes, I couldn’t help but be undoubtedly underwhelmed. The author of the article went on and on about how her families obsession with them. How they were such a great alternative to store bought sour patch kids. How it was a great way to sneak in a daily does of fruit into their diet. The list went on and the more I read the more I tried to confront my deep seeded childhood disgust for all gushing types of candies. After much deliberation over whether this could be a recipe for me to try, I had to remind myself that this recipe was nothing more than a grape caked in sugar. If I like grapes, and I do then I should be able to handle these.

Now initially I wasn’t searching the web for recipes on sour patch grapes, but I simply had to give it a try. My desire to make homemade sour patch kids would have to be postponed. I went to the store and bought the two ingrident recipe list went home and began my experiment.

I got home unloaded my ingredients quickly slapped it together, waited my 20 minutes in suspense and bit in. I was honestly surprised that it was nothing at all like the Freshen Up gushing gum, which at this point I can’t even begin to imagine why I thought it would be the same. It truly was a sweet and refreshing way to enjoy a healthier version of sour patch kids, which is one of my top 5 candies (we’ll save that for another story). I think I’ve made this recipe at least 5 times since then. So I’ll leave you with the recipe, and for those of you that have tried it, you tell me. Is it what you thought it would be, did you like it, do you hate it, what do you think? Leave your thoughts below.

1) A bag of grapes, any kind you like. I prefer red seedless



2) One pack of gelatin, any flavor is fine. I prefer the Cherry Jolly Rancher brand. If you prefer another that brand/flavor will work just fine.


The first step is to wash your grapes.


Then dump your wet grapes into a ziplock bag, it is important that your grapes are still wet as this will help the jello powder stick to the grapes.


Then place your grapes on a parchment paper lined plate. It’s best if they don’t touch so the powder doesn’t rub off the grapes.


After you’ve lined the paper with the grapes. Place them in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to let the powder solidify to the grapes. (Photo of mommy placing the grapes in the fridge, courtesy of my sneaky little 4 year old.)


Then take the grapes out and enjoy! That little red mouth is evidence. This girl has had herself some cherry flavored sour patch grapes.