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“That Time of Year Again.”

So the elections are over, and it’s time to move on to the holidays. The biggest part of the holidays for me is celebrating family with presents and love, then celebrating me by making a big New Year’s resolution like eating healthier and losing weight. Oddly enough that “lifestyle change” never does stick, I always find myself right back to the candy and cupcakes come spring. Bellow I have listed the main reasons why most of us don’t maintain our exercise routine, and how I plan on keeping mine this year.

1. Make a plan and stick with it!


Whether it be joining the gym, scheduling a group jog through the park, or simply doing Pilates on the floor with your little ones climbing your ever exhausted body (my routine is usually the latter), just make sure that you stick with it. Once exercise becomes a regular part of our routine, it makes it a little harder to forget. Sometimes I miss an exercise, and that’s ok, I just make sure to work out extra hard the next day, and I start with a morning routine, so I don’t get increasingly lazy throughout the day.

2.Write it down Charlie Brown.


Have you ever noticed that you actually remember your ‘to do list’ if you write it down? I’ll even remember all the groceries if I write a list, even if I don’t take the grocery list with me, just writing it down helps! Now when I say write, I don’t mean typing it in your google calendar, I mean actual pen and paper.

3. Get some inspiration.



Last time I got into fitness mode I youtube’d my butt off. Through all my searching I found a little basket of inspiration named Cassey Ho, if you haven’t heard of her, you’re missing out. She is by far one of my favorite fitness instructors ever. She is always so bright, perky, and passionate about what she does. When I started her program I was at best skeptical, but by the end of her 4 week beginner calendar I was fully entrenched in her program. Oh and I lost about 30 lbs, and that was the last 30lbs I couldn’t lose no matter which routine I tried over the last 9 years.  (If you’re interested in trying Blogilates here’s the beginners calendar bellow).



Now I for one have never stuck with a plan and that’s partially because there never was one to stick with. This has got to come to a stop, so I will be sitting down tomorrow and putting together a plan, writing it down, on post-it notes, on my whiteboard, anywhere I can to make it official. The more official the more chances I have of maintaining the active lifestyle right? If you have any ideas or if you would like to share your exercise goals, strengths, and weaknesses please let me know in the comments bellow.